Documents Found on the Troop Ship Walker-
The Ship That Carried the 3/17th to Vietnam

Now this is weird. Brian Flynn, a fellow who has nothing to do with Delta Troop or the 3/17th, wrote to us recently:

Wanted to let you know; I was recently on board the troop ship that carried you to Vietnam, the General Nelson W. Walker. I was part of a group of Navy vets from Baltimore that was on board to remove spare parts to help refit a WWII submarine that is a museum ship in Baltimore.

The reason for this message is that while on the ship I found a "troop's newsletter" in one of the bunks, from the time you were on board - there are numerous quotes from different individuals, mostly ending "Trp D, 3/17 Cav". You might remember the newsletters, you might not. . .

Strange how these things go. I was there to strip parts from an old Navy ship and started looking at the graffiti on the bunks and the connection with Vietnam hit me. Now I can't seem to let it go...

Brian scanned the newsletter and sent it to us. You can find Brian's photographs of his work on the Walker here.

Follow the link below to see three pages of the documents that Brian recovered.

Walker Documents

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