Delta Troop
3rd Squadron 17th Air Cavalry
Unit History

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"Coming Ashore"

The 3rd Squadron 17th Cavalry is comprised of one (1) Headquarters Troop, Three (3) Air Cavalry Troops, One ground Troop D, and a "F" Troop, The squadron's direct support maintenance. (F) is not a TOE Troop to the squadron but rather as attached maintenance unit.

Squadron headquarters was located at Di An, 1st Infantry Division base camp situated midway between Saigon and Bien Hoa.

Headquarters and Headquarters Troop contains the squadron staff and is responsible for all the administrative functions of the squadron. Headquarters Aviation Section contains 5 UH-1H helicopters used for administrative and tactical control purposes.

The Three Air Cavalry Troops provide the aviation arms of the squadron. In addition, each troop has an organic rifle platoon to form the ground recon capability of the troop. The Aero Scout Platoon of each troop consists of ten OH-6A observation helicopters that form the reconnaissance backbone of the Cavalry Squadron. Fire support is provided by the nine AH-1G Huey Cobras and one UH-1C assigned to the Aero weapon platoon.

The troop's infantry platoon is provided with its own lift capability in the form of the five UH-1C and UH-1H is assigned to each Air Cav Troop for administrative and control purposes.

"D" Troop is the ground cavalry troop of the Squadron. Used for ground recon and security, the troop is equipped with ten (10) one quarter ton vehicles mounted with 106MM recoilless rifles or M-60 machine guns and seven (7) three quarter ton trucks. Also they have a 81MM mortar section, thus giving the troop a scout, security, and anti tank capability.



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