Delta Troop
3rd Squadron 17th Air Cavalry
Unit History

© J. DUNGAN 67/68

"BlackJack" Newsclippings - 67/68


When we were on the Gun jeeps most of the guys called us the Rat Patrol. There were two jeeps mounted with M60 machine guns. You had a driver, gunner and jeep commander. Also there was a 106 Recoilless Rifle mounted on a jeep that went on patrols with us. This gave the patrol an antitank support. There was a 81MM Mortar team that gave us an artillery support if needed. They were always placed within a 3 click area when we were out on patrols. The Infantry team of 14 was used to guard the mortar team or sometimes used as gunners on the scout vehicles when needed. There were three platoons. Each was divided into scout sections.

The following is paper clippings from the BlackJack Flier in Viet Nam:

    CH CHI (269TH AVN BN10) The Hornets of the 116th Assault Helicopter Company recently combined with Ground Elements (D troop), of the 3/17th Air Cav Sqdn on a combat assault operation into an area suspected of being Viet Cong Headquarters. Despite the fact that several ships had received fire, the 116th was able to successfully extract the 3/17th elements and return to Katum to assess the fire damage.

    1st Bde - The 3/17th Air Cav was recently lauded for their performance in support of the 25th Inf. Div during "OPERATION YELLOWSTONE." COL DONAL D DUNLOP, WAS ASSISTANT DIVISION COMMANDER. Division Commander, MG F.K. MEARNS.

    While on operation TOAN THANG, a reconnaissance in force mission 50 miles northwest of Saigon, men of D Troop 3rd Squadron, 17th Air Cav found and destroyed 100 enemy bunkers. During the day, the cavalrymen also located 80 VC bodies killed by artillery fire several weeks ago.

  • 3/17th Air Cav Chalks up 219 VC in two weeks.
    TAY NINH The first two weeks of February as elements of D Troop 3rd Sqdn, 17th Air Cav, in support of the 25th Inf. Div units, account for a large number of enemy killed and inflict heavy damage to other phases of enemy activity

    TAY NINH, (25TH INF-10) 3/17TH Air Cav flew infantrymen to the river and then supplied their air support. The individual talents of the foot soldier, mechanized infantry and Air Cavalry, molded together to account for 59-enemy killed and two detainees near the oriental river in Tay Ninh Province.

    WHILE IN BIEN HOA PROVINCE, cavalrymen of D Troop found the bodies of six Viet Cong killed in previous fighting. They also reported finding six complete 60MM Mortars.

III Corps map courtesy of BlackJack clippings from John Dungan

OPERATION BUENA VISTA was the first operation 1 December 1967 we were attached with the 199th Light Infantry Bde. In the area of Long Binh, on convoy and security from Alamo to FSPB Hanover. We did dismounted patrols and mounted patrols, night ambush and convoy escorts.

OPERATION YELLOWSTONE was our next mission with the 25th Inf Div located at Cu Chi.

SOUI DA - located north of Tay Ninh. We had the mission of securing and defending a fire base, night ambushes, convoy escorts, foot patrols, and road clearing missions. Located in this area was a mountain called NUI BA DEN (Black Virgin Mountain).

D TROOP 3/17TH had the mission to secure from Tay Ninh to Go Dau Ha in February 1968. Other missions were located in Trang Bang. Here we had to secure the Trang Bang Bridge. Mission's to Di An to support the 51st Infantry (LRRP) to Phuc Vinh to act as support when they made contact.


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