John Beauchamp's Photos of Delta Troop - 1967-1968

John Beauchamp's personal memorial

John's memorial plaque

John Beauchamp showing Nate Holley
military discipline, Vietnam style.

Don Edwards and John Beauchamp

Kimbrell, Beauchamp, Reuben

Bede, the mess hall cook, and Blade.

Lacamend, Maxwell, Beauchamp, Kimbrell
- the Fort Knox mortar crew

The second mortar crew in Vietnam
Top row right - Maxwell
Bottom is Beauchamp and Kembrell

Jack Stadler, Sharmen, Ruben, Whitey Carson
- Infantry Squad

Two unnamed Delta Troopers

Lowther and First Plt. LT - 1968

1st Plt Mortar Truck and Infantry Truck

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